Mark Frigo

Vice President, Head of Energy Storage, North America


Mr. Mark A. Frigo currently is Vice President, Head of Energy Storage, North America for E.ON, an international privately-owned energy supplier which is focused on renewables, energy networks and customer solutions.  Mr. Frigo has spent over a decade of his career at E.ON.  He currently leads the energy storage business for E.ON in North America, and is responsible for all aspects of that business, including business planning, personnel, and project development and execution.  Mr. Frigo was lead on E.ON’s successful endeavor to establish its first energy storage facility in Arizona, launching the company’s efforts to bring reliable and efficient storage solutions to that region.  His team has subsequently built two additional energy storage projects in Texas helping to stabilize the ERCOT grid.  During his time at E.ON, Mr. Frigo has also led other critical groups for E.ON’s North American business, including the Energy Marketing group, which was responsible for all revenue related activities including power purchase agreements, hedges, and renewable energy credit transactions, the Market Operations & Analysis group, which is responsible for all generation dispatch and scheduling, regulatory compliance, transmission, and market analysis functions in North America, as well as the Risk & Investment group, which was responsible for all structured finance, credit, financial modeling, and insurance functions.  His past accomplishments at E.ON included assisting with implementation of a US$5.7 billion capital build program, which successfully brought 3,136 MW (20 projects) of wind generation and 73 MW (5 projects) of solar generation on-line, enabling E.ON to become one of the top renewable companies in North America.  The Congress of the United States has also recognized Mr. Frigo’s energy expertise by having him testify to the Subcommittee on Energy on the role of energy storage in the nation’s electricity system.

Prior to E.ON, Mr. Frigo was a financial and management consultant to companies, financial institutions, and governments throughout the world.  He received a B.B.A. from the University of Notre Dame, and an M.B.A. from the Pennsylvania State University.



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