Eco Energy World


A key advantage of EEW is the expertise it owns/holds in all phases of the PV project value chain; from PV component manufacturing to developing solar sites and from financial structuring, to construction and operation of PV projects. Our team has a capital of experience in solar technology and developing solar energy plants. From almost a decade of presence in the PV solar sector we have built business relationships with the largest solar companies in the world. To date, we have developed several hundred megawatts of solar projects, most of those located in Europe. Our expansion plan remains ambitious and we are committed to finding opportunities in new markets.

EEW, along with other leading developers, will play a key role in achieving these targets and contributing to future growth. Harnessing solar energy not only benefits our generation and lifestyles, but future generations and future lifestyles. There’s a proverb that exists that states – “We do not inherit the planet from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”. These targets are in place to ensure the provision of cleaner, sustainable energy for both now and for future generations.

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