Emerging technologies for solar energy storage


Date: Wed, April 18

  • What emerging energy storage technologies are being paired with solar?
  • What new markets and energy loads are now addressable through these new storage systems?
  • How can the growing storage industry address commercial and industrial applications?

Your host: Collin Coker | Vice President Sales & Marketing – Viking Cold Solutions

With three decades of sales and leadership experience in B2B and B2C sales and more than 20 years in the energy industry, Collin brings broad experience across both wholesale and retail energy and has a consistent record of building and leading successful sales organizations. Collin served as Sr. Vice President Sales and Marketing for StarTex Power, Vice President of Sales for Gexa Energy, and Director of Sales for Direct Energy. His wholesale experince began in the California market while directing Reliant Energy’s mid-market wholesale origination efforts. Collin attended Texas State University and has sales and leadership certifications from universities including the Wharton School of Business, Villanova University, Rice University, and Motorola University.




How digitalization can help solar portfolio owners and operators to drive down cost and reduce operational risks

  • How can different stakeholders (investors, IPPs, O&M companies) use digitalization to be more efficient?
  • What are criteria for the selection of your digitalization tools?
  • What are the challenges of implementing a successful digitalization strategy? Lessons learned and best practices.


Edme Kelsey

Edmée Kelsey brings a wealth of solar asset management expertise to her role as founder and CEO of 3megawatt. 3megawatt provides solar asset management software designed to support asset owners with managing their solar portfolio risks and asset managers with reducing their asset management costs. As former CFO of Main Street Power, she closed project financing for over 100 distributed solar PV projects and was responsible for the asset management of those solar assets. As a former VP at JP Morgan and managing director of a clean energy corporate finance advisory firm, she gained a deep understanding of the requirements of project finance providers and sponsors, funds and investors. Her background as a founder and CEO of a venture-backed telecom service provider brings utility billing, asset tracking and O&M service ticketing experience to her leading role at 3megawatt. Ms. Kelsey holds a Bachelor’s degree from from Nyenrode University, one of the leading business schools in the Netherlands.

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